• Jun 16, 2016
  • by Shop Caveman

Even though modern fathers are usually not the only parent that brings income to the home, they are still respected and loved by their sons. Fathers are usually role models for their sons and they have great responsibility when it comes to proper raising of kids. Father’s day is a special day when kids get an opportunity to express their love to their fathers.

According to official statistics, people in more than 50 countries are celebrating Father’s day on the third Sunday of June. The first celebration of Father’s Day was held exactly 106 years ago when Sonora Dodd suggested that fathers should get one day in their honor. The idea quickly became very popular and six years later the American president himself (Woodrow Wilson) supported this cause. Today, Father’s day is celebrated with many activities and events all over the globe.

The fact is that fathers do their best to raise their kids and they certainly deserve love and respect at least once a year. There are many activities that fathers and their kids perform on this day and we will focus on activity that is reserved for dads and sons.

We all know that men usually don’t care much about feelings and emotions and these discussions are usually between kids and their moms. But, there is an activity that can unite fathers and sons and this activity is equally important as fishing, building a model car or throwing a baseball ball. Obviously, we are talking about shaving and grooming. There is no better way to start a natural conversation than to show your son how to start grooming his facial hair. This is the period when they are growing up and they need advice from their fathers. In other words, they need their father’s help to enter manhood.

Grooming of facial hair has always been considered a form of art. Even though during the late 20th century, this practice has been a little bit forgotten because most men started shaving, it looks like grooming is back as a trend.

A father can show his skills to their boy. As we already mentioned boys are always pleased to learn something new from their fathers especially when it is something useful like this activity. These are the moments when fathers can rest assured that they’ve got all the attention from their son. They should use this opportunity to start a conversation that goes beyond grooming. It is very easy to ask your son about some personal things that are going on in his life which he usually avoids to talk about. This is a time of talking and listening and a great way to unite. You will lose only a fraction of your time and your son will be grateful!

If you want to make this experience really special you should use special grooming products like Caveman’s beard oil and beard balm. With their help this activity will be much more pleasant and you will get better results.