• May 17, 2016
  • by Shop Caveman

Are modern men actually disguised cavemen?

About 30,000 years ago a man (or a group of men) entered in a cave and expressed his feeling through a drawing. This is how cave decorating started. What is interesting is that men (and women) didn’t use these caves as homes. They probably used them to hide whenever they noticed dangers, to look for food or to perform some religious rituals. There are some suggestions that the drawings found in caves in Europe were actually done by some ancient shamans.

Regardless of the reason why men stayed in caves, the term caveman became quite popular. But, what is even more interesting is that it seems that nowadays this term is trending again. This time, we are talking about a home improvement trend that involved so-called man caves.

A typical man cave is situated below ground and it can be located in any part of the house. It makes sense – since it’s a cave it has to be a little bit hidden and below ground. This was also quite convenient for home owners because many of them had basements that they didn’t use and by cleaning and de-cluttering these areas they got a fully functional space where they can have some me-time or hang out with their buddies whenever they want.

The hunter and food gatherer of the family certainly requires his own space in the house where he can rest, relax and get involved in the things he likes. In the beginning men were a little bit skeptical about this concept, but today this is a very trending topic. Many TV channels have shows dedicated to man caves. Of course, there is no strict layout and definition of a man cave because every man is unique and has different needs, requirements and desires.

What is known for sure is that modern cavemen don’t like to draw things on the walls of their space, but they like to hang paintings. The paintings are not depicting situations from their hunting ventures, but more like things from certain sports like baseball, football, basketball, NASCAR or their favorite movies and TV shows. These things are probably the only thing that looks similar in modern caves and old caves. Most modern cavemen prefer comfy furniture, quality flooring, special lighting and nice window treatments in this part of the house. They also take special care of entertainment. For instance, they usually place a pool table, a fridge packed with beers, HD TVs, gaming consoles, audio systems and other things that can help them relax and enjoy the time spent there. This is definitely a nice way to spend an hour or two every now and then alone or with your friends.

But, the man cave is not the only thing that modern men have “borrowed” from their ancestors who lived millennia ago. In the past few years they have started to follow their style too at least when it comes to facial hair. Having a beard is very popular and many young and old men are proud of their beards and mustaches. Bearded lifestyle like the ones our ancestors have, make us feel more unique and more masculine so it is no surprise why so many men are trying to get a perfect beard.

Today one thing is certain, every man is a caveman. With the help of Caveman grooming products found on our site you can achieve this primal yet polished effect.